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Two days before 2009 and I decide to pick up my pen and put it to paper in an honest to God diary. Journal. I haven't kept a diary since I was probably eight years old. After that, I was away at school and we kept the nastier, more public version: slam books.

I still remember being voted as "girl with best turnout" and also "dog-faced girl" during the same trimester. Great memories. And people wonder how we get self esteem issues.

Anyway. I'm doing a lot of this supposed deep introspection and finding myself these days. A diary and an online journal. Next thing you know, I'll be knitting sweaters for my cat and signing up for internet speed dating. That's frightening.

It's freezing ass cold here and as I have no ass to speak of, this means I am wearing not only legging but sweat pants and I have a flannel blanket wrapped around myself too. Is this the sort of crap I'm supposed to record for posterity's sake? Weather updates and the state of my horrible fashion sense?

I guess I could come up with some lofty goals for the new year.

I'll save that for tomorrow.


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