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As promised, Waverly called Mark prior to boarding her plane to NYC, verifying that he would be there to pick her up. Once more she gave him her flight information, the airline and the terminal. She also told him to meet her at baggage claim since airport security made it impossible to meet people at the arrival gate these days. To ease her list of dos and don’ts into something more affable and sweet, Waverly also promised the man that if he could spot her before she found him, she’d give him that kiss he kept asking after.

The flight was relatively short, only a couple of hours and part of that was simply because they needed to navigate around a weather system, and by the time they were preparing to land, Waverly was feeling a little anxious. Being on pins and needles, fidgeting and fighting the urge to dig her nails into her armrests had nothing to do with the plane’s decent into Laguardia’s runway field—even if it was a little turbulent. No, she was nervous about meeting Mark in person.

Would he be as charming as he seemed online and over the phone? Would she still feel that personality click? Would he find her attractive? That last made her laugh quietly to herself. If the man found her winsome with her hair a tumbled mess and while wearing a baggy sweater and jeans that are more comfortable than fashionable, she might actually have to fall in love. She smirked then, the dancer taking her wardrobe choice into consideration for the first time. If he liked what he saw when she got off the plane, she was sure to blow his mind when he got a look at her all dolled up for an evening out. Travel wear seemed to suddenly have more than one purpose.

Waverly eventually disembarked and made her way through the airport she was passing familiar with, heading in the right direction and looking assured while she did it. Baggage. Not that she had much more than her carry-on with her but there was a garment bag and a small wheeled-suitcase that she needed to fetch. Of course, there was also a cop she needed to spot before she ended up having to kiss him right there for the first time. In public.

Now where would he be…?
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