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This should be awkward, the end of the First Date. He was dropping her off at the hotel, just inside the lobby doors. She had her room key in her hand. They were both smiling. Maybe it was the wine they had with dinner but Waverly didn't think so: her smile, at least, was genuine.

First Date. Was she all ready hoping for another? Yes. The evening had been just that good. She enjoyed listening to him talk. There was a passion in his voice and a light in his eyes whenever he spoke about his work (the real career, the military not the police work he did now) or when he told her about Dean, the young man he'd reached out to and helped turn around. Waverly liked making him laugh too. There was a warmth and a richness to the sound and his lips curved into an inviting smile. Really, there wasn't much she didn't like about Mark Kosik.

Except that he was being such a gentleman that he had yet to kiss her good night.

Waverly tipped her head back to look up at him, held her key to the side, using it to gesture at the elevators behind them. "Do you...?"

Want to walk me to my room, come inside, stay a while, talk some more, spend the night...? Any and all of the above would suit her just fine, and some of that may be the wine talking, but not much.
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