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They don't dance. I'm not talking about slow dancing in the living room to Jimmy Buffet's Come Monday or letting it all hang out on a club dance floor as K.C. and the Sunshine Band get down tonight...I mean they aren't professionally trained dancers. Ballet, ballroom or god forbid part of the cast for Riverdance. No one that has taps on the bottom of their patent leathers or actually uses the phrase step-ball-change in casual conversation. Certainly not anyone who acts as if making love is some sort of on stage performance where they expect adulation and applause afterward. I'm speaking from experience here. It's not pretty and never again.

What do I want? Someone funny, witty even. Wit implies at least some basic intelligence. I don't need a scholar or the next rocket scientist, but someone who can carry on a conversation in a broad number of topics would be nice.

They have to like cats, even if Lord Marlowe likes no one. Hey, he's mine and I'm pretty sure he hates me unless I'm filling his bowl with that smelly four-dollar-a-can goop he adores.

Someone who gets that I spend all afternoon and some evenings with people who are waist-high and I'm not looking to have any of my own. I love kids, I love working with them and helping them learn to love ballet, understand that magical world of pain and sacrifice and success. Personal goals and pushing your body to do as you say. I do not want to change diapers and make lunches and join the PTA.

They aren't going to get on me about my weight. Ever. I eat. Leave it at that.

Someone who has a sense of self and doesn't need to be defined by being in a relationship. I don't like to be smothered. If I need personal space, they should be okay giving it to me. Have their own circle of friends and hobbies I don't necessarily have to share. Opinions and views that are their own, don't be afraid to disagree with me. A chorus of "me too" gets old real fast.

That's what I want, we'll see if I ever find it.


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