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Birthdate:Mar 12
I used to dance and now I teach...

"My mother likes to tell people we're related to the Queen of England. We're not. Thank God."

Name: Waverly J. Windsor
Age: 29
Occupation: Smalltown Dance Instructor
Has: A small house, one bitchy cat, two very ugly feet
Likes: 80's movies, chamber music, rice cakes and salsa
Dislikes: Rude people, being called a has-been or never-was, Riverdance (and Michael Flatley)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: More than it used to be, less than it probably should be

Disclaimer: Not the journal of a real person. This is a FICTIONAL journal for role playing and prompt writing only. Waverly Windsor is an original character living in a made up town with made up people. Neve Campbell has nothing to do with this journal other than being used as a PB because I like her and she really was a ballerina at one point in time.

Interests (37):

alice walker, american ballet theatre, americana, ballet, balletomane, bitchy cats, broken toes, brunettes are better, bursitis, cold, coppélia, corps de ballet, dance, england, french, genu varum, giselle, internet atrocities, lettuce, lobster, lol cats, loose joints, music, my mother scares me, never dating dancers, pain and perfection, peanut allergies, route 66, sacroiliac joint sprain, snow, stupid names, sweaters, teaching, the sleeping beauty, toe shoes, turnout, ugly feet

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